Walk to Feel Good

The Hot Girl Walk is a TikTok trend, but feeling good is universal.

Kate Hull

Maybe you’ve seen the Hot Girl Walk trend taking over TikTok? If not, the gist is simple: Take yourself on a stroll, maybe with friends or solo, and practice self-love, gratitude, and some positive self-talk. Prioritize getting out and experiencing nature, living in that natural moment. It’s good for your mind and body. That’s all there is to it! Exercise and remind yourself how fabulous you are.

Yes, it’s that simple. Walking has been proven time and time again to be a total-body health boost, from increasing energy levels to improving cardiovascular fitness. And add in some intentional gratitude? That’s a win-win for the body and mind. This isn’t just a trend. Give the Hot Girl Walk some staying power by making a daily walk part of your routine. Randi Poullard, a studio leader at Life Time GreenStreet, says this means setting yourself up for success. To make it stick, she recommends setting small goals, staying consistent, and having fun. Try getting in a mile walk three times a week. To make it fun, hit the trail in your best bold outfit at your favorite spots.


Gear up in your favorite outfit that makes you feel your best, or treat yourself to something new, grab a friend or two, and get to stepping.

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