Flying Solo

There’s still time for that bestie brunch, but this season make way for me time

Katie Hull

April 2023

Okay, y'all. Time for some real talk. My own social calendar is too much to manage, let alone trying to coordinate with my friends, partner, and kids schedules. It can all be exhausting. So, guess what? I am done. (But take a breath, bestie. We are still on for that brunch date next Sunday, promise.) I am not nixing my entire social calendar. I am talking about reclaiming my own “me time.” It’s time for a solo date. Party of one. Me, myself, and I. I am taking myself out this spring, and I don’t have to go far. Midway District’s Memorial Green is setting the scene for a solo date to remember.

Before I plan the perfect date, let’s set a few things straight. “Me time” is important! I don’t mean to always go alone—but it’s not the most radical thing to want to fly solo on occasion. It’s self-care, after all, and I am here for it. Steps away from my front door in Memorial Green, I have access to a bucket list of my “treat yourself” favs. I am turning that list into an action plan—bucket list, no more. Follow along and find some inspo of your own.

The roster of shops, dining, and spas at Memorial Green reads like the perfectly curated date itinerary, and spoiler alert: it is. The biggest question is where to start and what to do next. Since this day is all about focusing on my best self, Clean Juice is my first stop. Its claim to fame is more than just an organic juicer. This quaint spot’s menu is chock-full of smoothies, light bites, and, of course, delicious juice to keep your body feeling good and satisfied. I opted for the Green Bowl paired with a coffee-lovers smoothie fav, the Coffee One.

Next up? A self-care duo a la Thrive Drip Spa followed by The Lash Lounge. Whenever I hit Thrive Drip Spa, I tend to go for the tried-and-true Hydrate Drip, but today I booked a Beauty Drip that generates a healthy glow and improves my skin complexion. Youthful glow? Absolutely. And since this date is all about what makes me feel like my best self, I knew the team at the Lash Lounge would help me feel confident with a set of eye-catching lash extensions.

I am pulling out all the stops on this solo date, and diving into self-care from head to toe. Cue Isle Pedispa. While there, I made a mental note to bring my girls back for a group event. I picked the Isle Pedicure plus a salt scrub and, since this is a special occasion, finished with an Isle Manicure. This spot is extra cute and cozy; all I wanted was to make it last and soak up every bit of relaxation. While popping around to all my favorite spots was exactly what the wellness guru ordered, if I want a day only spent at the spa, I’m always up for Life Spa and Café just down the road at CITYCENTRE. With delicious health food, top-of-the-line treatments, and total care services, it’s a must-do, no matter the reason.

With my morning and afternoon filled with a deep dive into self-care mode, happy hour is now calling my name. It’s easy to be transported to a quaint European city street with a sip of the unique wines available at Memorial Green’s newest hot spot, VinSanto, opened in 2023. A crisp glass of anything they are serving up is just the ticket before perusing LAM Bespoke or booking an Uber and hitting more shops at CITYCENTRE. The day was so memorable, I decided to treat myself with something to remember it by. After strolling through Anthropologie, Madewell, and my favorite boutiques, I couldn’t resist Kendra Scott’s Lee Gold Drop Earrings in iridescent drusy. Swoon.

Choosing where to close out the day with a bite to eat was, without a doubt, the hardest decision of the day. The top-notch dining around every corner at CITYCENTRE and back home in Memorial Green is hard to beat. There was a restaurant for any craving, but I decided to keep the self-care train going and grabbed a salad from Bellagreen, then headed to The Moran Hotel to check out what they had going on that day. The unmatched night-life events and atmosphere at Fireside was speaking to me to close out the perfect day. This was a solo date for the books, and I barely skimmed the surface of where to go and what to see. It’s official: The solo date is now a regular occurrence.