Giving Plate

Get Your “Share” of Great Food at Daily Gather

Suzanne Stavinoha

April 2022

It’s an easy bet that some of your happiest moments involve gathering for a good meal with family and friends. Sitting elbow to elbow at a big table, passing appetizers, splitting entrees, sharing (or not sharing!) desserts while conversation flows, laughter sparkles and memories are made.

Helping to recreate those special times is the mission of a new restaurant in Houston. Called Daily Gather, it’s the brainchild of Aaron Lyons who, along with his business partner Trent Patterson, owns H-Town’s well-loved Dish Society. Lyons describes Daily Gather as a progression of Dish, a way to serve the same foodie-centric customer in an elevated, full-service way, noting that while Dish Society is built around convenience, Daily Gather is for people who want to sit down and stay awhile.

“I love meals with two or three couples or a bunch of friends,” says Lyons. “We order six or seven things so we can all try different dishes and everyone gets a bite of everything. That’s why Daily Gather puts an emphasis on shareable portions.”

Located in Midway’s mixed-use CITYCENTRE development, Daily Gather is an upscale-yet-casual neighborhood spot that gives diners in Sugar Land, Katy, and Cypress an elevated restaurant option that doesn’t involve driving into the city.

“You don’t always want to do that for a date night, business meeting or brunch,” says Lyons. “That’s why we loved the CITYCENTRE location. It’s a perfect mix of retail, apartments, condos, and office space. Midway is very forward-thinking. We like the way they do things.”

Lyons also likes the restaurant’s location within CITYCENTRE, right off The Plaza. There are a variety of events there throughout the year, and diners get a front row seat thanks to Daily Gather’s generous outdoor seating area.

“Because of The Plaza, we’ve put a little Concessions Truck on our patio,”

“Because of The Plaza, we’ve put a little Concessions Truck on our patio,” says Lyons. “We serve coffee and pastries, some juices, and organic popsicles for the kids. We’ll adjust the menu to the events and the seasons.”

So, what about the menu inside? That’s seasonal, too, according to Lyons. They’re sourcing from a lot of the same local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen they use for Dish Society. And while Venison Black Bean Chili might be on the wintertime menu, the spring and summer will feature lighter fare. One of the more unique “For the Table” appetizers is the Coconut Tuna Aguachile—yellow fin tuna seasoned with red onion, serrano pepper, lime, and cilantro in a ginger-coconut broth. As for entrees, Lyons recommends the Braised Short Rib with Parisian Gnocchi.

The mouth-watering rotisserie chicken with cauliflower-kohlrabi mash, grilled broccolini, and pistachio-sage gremolata.

The shareable concept behind Daily Gather really comes to life in the presentation of various “boards”—large platters of a variety of complementary food items that can be shared around the table. There’s an innovative take on the traditional Charcuterie Board, but there’s also the Ultimate Brunch Board, piled high with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes, chicken tenders, French toast bites, and seasonal fruit.

The culinary mind behind these and other delectable creations is one of Houston’s favorite chefs, Brandi Key, whom Lyons feels especially fortunate to have on the team.

“When I first moved to Houston,” he says, “Brandi was starting to break out as a high-talent chef on the scene. I tried out all the restaurants she was a part of and finally a mutual friend introduced us. I discussed this concept with her and how we might bring it to life. Having somebody like her who can lead the charge in developing the Daily Gather kitchen is very exciting.”

Lyons started out in business, but moved into restaurants with Dish Society, which now has six locations in Houston. His inspiration for Daily Gather goes back to the kind of eating experience he himself enjoys—dinner with a group of friends where they order a variety of dishes and share between them.

“It’s that emphasis on sampling a little bit of a lot of things so you want to come back for more, maybe bring different people for new conversations,” he says.

The idea of conversation over a shared meal is supported by the restaurant’s décor as well. The seating choices range from cozy two-tops to large tables to lounge areas that feel like being in someone’s living room.

“It will be a great place to treat yourself, your family and friends,”

“It will be a great place to treat yourself, your family and friends,” says Lyons. “To be with people you’ve missed being with, have a four-hour meal, catch up, try new things. I know that’s a treat for me.”

Speaking of treating yourself, one of Daily Gather’s spring seasonal offerings is the Martini & Oyster Social Hour, taking place weekday afternoons. For $20, you’ll get a chilled martini and three East Coast oysters on their icy half shells. The perfect prescription for a steamy Houston springtime!