Juanita’s Refined Tex-Mex Cantina Comes to Century Square.

Suzanne Stavinoha

April 2022

If you’re looking for a place that serves a more elevated version of your favorite Tex-Mex dishes, some select interior Mexican flavors, and a range of top-shelf margaritas and tequilas, you could go to Mexico. Much easier, however, to head to Century Square, Midway’s premier mixed-use destination in College Station.

There you’ll find the new Juanita’s Tex-Mex Cantina, opening soon. Juanita’s is an intriguing combination of classic Tex-Mex with exceptional Mexican offerings: what Don Cristopher, partner and operator of Juanita’s, calls “Mex-Tex-Mex.”

“We have a strong team led by Texas chefs,” says Cristopher, “so guests will see several familiar items but in an elevated form. For instance, we’re doing Steak Tampiquena but with Wagyu beef. We have suppliers that bring in the best from the Gulf for dishes like our Snapper Veracruzano, but we’ll also offer East Coast oysters and Norwegian salmon. Our goal is a better taste profile with a crafted menu so we can master every item.”

Cristopher chose Century Square because it’s “the only place to be in College Station for great restaurants.” Already a food-lover’s delight with eateries like PORTERS: Dining + Butcher, Piada, Sweet Paris, and Mess Waffles, Century Square features retail, offices, apartments, and two hotels. (In fact, soon guests at the George Hotel can order from Juanita’s and have it delivered to their room.) As a destination, Century Square draws both out-of-towners and locals looking for something a little special.

Or, in the case of Juanita’s, very special. While a few menu highlights include a 19-ingredient mole sauce and a Japanese roll with a Mexican twist—imagine sushi but with Tex-Mex ingredients—Juanita’s will pay special attention to the non-culinary aspects of the restaurant as well, starting with the entrance.

The first thing guests will see is a very Instagrammable mural that stretches across the front of the building. Inside, the décor is lively with lots of colors and a graffiti  mural in the bar. The emphasis on artwork extends to the presentation of the food. And because superior service is an art form, Juanita’s will focus on that, too.

We want everyone to have a wonderful experience

“We want everyone to have a wonderful experience,” says Cristopher. “The chefs will circulate throughout the dining room, answering questions about the food. Our servers won’t hurry diners but instead develop a personal relationship so that when you come to Juanita’s, you’re coming to see the people as well as for the food.”

Prime steak and jumbo tuxedo-cut shrimp with mushrooms, sautéed red peppers, and spiraled onions

And, of course, there are the margaritas. Juanita’s will offer a variety of frozen and on-the-rocks options, each made with the freshest ingredients and the smoothest tequilas. You can even rent a private locker for your own bottle of tequila. “We have lockers at PORTER’s for wine and spirits,” says Cristopher, “but there’s a waiting list. I won’t be surprised if that happens at Juanita’s, too.”

You can dip into that private tequila stash for any private functions you have at Juanita’s. From smaller birthday or anniversary parties in a semi-private area of the restaurant to larger events on the outdoor patio, Juanita’s can work with you to plan your celebration.

“Whatever you want to create, we can do that,” says David Cantu, market manager for DKC Group, who oversees the management of Juanita’s and PORTER’s. “You can order off the menu or we can work with the chefs to offer unique items.”

Puffy tacos with Birria long-roasted spiced prime roast, roasted corn, heirloom grape tomatoes, avocado, and mango cream

Whether for a private event, a pre-game party, or a weekday happy hour, the grand dining room at Juanita’s is a destination in itself. Situated right on The Green at Century Square, it has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the pool at The George hotel. With an icy margarita in hand, it's a perfect location to relax and watch the world go by.

So, how does Don Cristopher treat himself? With a meal at Juanita’s of course. “I love the weekend breakfast menu,” he says.

“One of my favorites is a hand-rolled tortilla with breakfast stuffings.”

And how might guests treat themselves at Juanita’s? Cristopher has a ready answer: “Order the Queso Fundido as an appetizer and have the bartender put a Sangria swirl in your margarita.”

Juanita's Tex Mex Cantina | Century Square | 180 Century Ct., Ste. 140 College Station, TX 77840