Midway’s Coffee Community — 5 Distinctive Texas Shops You Need to Know

Much More Than Just Caffeine Centers, These Unique Coffee Shops Are Real Community Gathering Places

Heather Staible

May 2021

If your day doesn’t officially start until you’ve said hello to your morning cup of Joe, or if you crave a midday perk-me-up, the cafes and coffee shops at Midway developments have you covered. The Houston-based real estate development and investment company may be most known for its pioneering, big picture, mixed-use centers.

But Midway makes these major projects special by obsessing over the details. And its leadership team has long understood how important a distinctive coffee shop can be for building a real sense of community within a district.

“Coffee shops provide a unique opportunity at our properties as they are an amenity for both office tenants and the local community,” says Robert Williamson, Midway’s Senior Vice President, Investment Management. “Most patrons are repeat customers who develop relationships with the staff and meet with friends, coworkers, or business associates regularly.

“On the surface, coffee shops are a place for a quick beverage or pastry, but really they are an essential part of instilling a sense of place within a community.”

Coffee shops are built into the DNA of every Midway mixd-use center, serving not only beverages, but also as places to meet, work, relax and build a sense of place. Breezy outdoor spaces, innovative menus and welcoming atmospheres make these Midway development coffee shops a hub for not only caffeine but connection.

Whether you love lattes, crave a cortado or enjoy the simple pleasure found in a fresh-ground cup of coffee, there’s a roster of caffeinated hotspots serving up fine coffee in the cool spaces. This is your definitive roster of all the best roasters at Midway’s Texas developments.


Fellini Gelato and Café

Drink in the sunshine with the ultimate espresso experience at Fellini Gelato and Café at CITYCENTRE. The European-influenced cafe takes its coffee seriously, serving Lavazza “Top Class” a blend of the sweetest Asian coffees combined with fragrant milds from Central America and mellow Brazilian coffees. The full body coffee is a favorite of Fellini baristas for its consistency and flexible blend. This is one the best spots in Houston to get milk-based, espresso-based beverages.

Fellini Cafe serves Lavazza “Top Class” coffee, a blend of the sweetest Asian coffees combined with fragrant milds from Central America and mellow Brazilian coffees.

Fellini uses the Italian-made and designed La-Cimbali M11, the grand dame of espresso machines. You’re practically guaranteed a perfect cup of coffee every time. The extensive coffee menu includes iced and hot choices including Iced White Chocolate Mocha, Café Americano, Cortado and Triestino, a blend of espresso, sweet condensed milk and whipped cream.


Sweet is a cozy CITYCENTRE spot that’s big on handcrafted treats and coffees. You’ll find Houston-based Greenway Coffee in your cup and a menu that includes caffeinated classics such as espressos and lattes, as well as signature sips like the Charger, a chai latte and espresso blend.

Kirby Grove  


A turtle, a sloth and a snail walk into a coffee shop. Yes, it makes for a great joke starter, but it’s an even better coffee shop. Slowpokes in the Kirby Grove development on Richmond Avenue, right across from Levy Park, serves up food, wine and beer too. But if it is coffee you’re after, Slowpokes extensive menu offers a caffeine boost for every taste.

Step up to the espresso bar or order a Nitro Cold Brew, Flat White or Cortado. The masterminds at Slowpokes like to keep things fresh, so in addition to cutting edge coffee technology, they add guest roasters to the mix in addition to their house favorites. You can always find something new at Slowpokes.

So go ahead and take your time.

Slowpokes extensive menu offers a caffeine boost for every taste.

Buffalo Heights

The Roastery

The chef-driven Roastery Coffee features the culinary smarts of acclaimed chefs Jonathan Waxman, Jimmy Bradley, Joey Campanaro and Jason Giagrande. The Four Js created a menu of specialty coffees and teas (plus house baked pastries, fresh salads and sandwiches) that go beyond your basic cup of java.

One can certainly happily order a Cappuccino, Americano and a Flat White. Looking to go beyond the bean? Give your tastebuds a treat with an Oatmeal or Lavender Latte, a Turmeric Ginger Latte or a Donut Cappuccino.  

Century Square

Harvest Coffee Bar  

Coffee aficionados will appreciate the attention to detail and the distinctive choices at Harvest Coffee Bar at Century Square, the College Station development across the street from Texas A&M University that that raised the bar on what can be done in the Brazos Valley. The baristas at Harvest are knowledgeable coffee professionals who revel in coffee-making elements like grind theory and water quality. Their drive is to make sure every cup of coffee is as delicious as the last.

Slowpokes extensive menu offers a caffeine boost for every taste.

Sip on traditional filter-brewed coffee, espresso and lattes, or dive deeper into the curated coffee options, including the Slow Bru/On the Rocks, a 10-hour Japanese cold brew process, which results in high caffeine, low-acidity coffee or the signature Harvest Latte, a blend of hand-dressed vanilla beans and raw sugar.

And that community connection? Yes, they’re pouring that too. From business meetings to first dates, the philosophy of bringing people together over a cup of coffee is as strong as the drinks themselves.

Your next brew is probably just a short stroll away if you’re in a Midway development. So prep your palate and grab a seat. Your new favorite coffee spot is just waiting to be discovered.