Self-Care Spring is Here

Simple changes to your routine to bring out your best self yet.

Kate Hull

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a palpable pull to start anew. Rebirth, rejuvenate, restore; whatever you want to call it, let’s focus that springtime energy inward with a little extra self-care this season to last through the year. And while we are here for that splurge facial (book it!), let’s talk day-to-day self-care. That one-note daily routine may need a shakeup.

From sunup to sundown, add these simple self-care-minded tips into your day for a boost in your self-image, self-worth, and overall well-being. Yes, yes, and yes!  


We are all guilty of hitting snooze one too many times on that loud, blaring alarm to jolt us out of bed. It’s time to sound the alarm on noisy wakeups. The National Institute of Industrial Health in Japan found that waking up with a loud jolt increases your heart rate and blood pressure and can increase overall anxiousness. Start your day a bit more gently with a light-based sunrise alarm and soothing sounds from smart sleep device companies like Hatch to ease into the day.

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Don’t panic, no one wants to take away your oat milk latte or daily cold brew. This spring, however, lean into hydration and sip a glass of water before the caffeine. Sleep is a dehydrant and study after study points to the wellness benefits of intaking water first, like helping with overall hydration, digestion, and even boosting your energy. Make this your new self-care routine, and set out your favorite chic cup and mug each night before bed, ready to remind you to sip and savor the morning. Anthropologie’s wide selection of monogrammed, embellished, and lustered glasses are the perfect gift to your new hydrated self. Or try the Stanley Adventure Quencher at Urban Outfitters to keep that water cool all night long.

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Whether to write down big moments, celebrate successes, manifest goals, or show yourself a little love, journaling is not just for teenage diaries. One study found that for individuals with anxiety, journaling helped boost overall self-esteem and well-being, while others have found it lowers stress. Carve out ten to twenty minutes daily, weekly, or whatever fits your schedule to celebrate you. Start with listing three things you are grateful for each time and see where the pen takes you. We’ll bet it brings some added joy and maybe even a little more self-love. Here for that! Let your journal showcase your personality. Florals, bold colors, or chic leather-bound notebooks, let your vessel speak to your style.

Where to find it: Find chic pens, notebooks, and journals at Lily Rain or Paper Source in CITYCENTRE.


You’ve got your fitness routine dialed, you’re hitting the gym and checking in with your trainer. (And if you’re not, turn to page 11

for some fitness routine reset inspiration). You’ve got your body right, it’s time to get your mind right. There’s a reason your Apple watch is cueing up a minute of breathing exercise to add calmness to your day. It helps! The Mayo Clinic found that meditation and breathing work can do everything from increase creativity, patience, and self-awareness to reducing negative emotions and managing stress. And it can be done anywhere at any time. If you’re new to quieting your mind, a variety of apps are at your fingertips to learn the calming practice. Or dive into meditation techniques with a Be Meditation class at Life Time GreenStreet. The sixty-minute class focuses on anapana, a word that refers to observation of your natural breath and works to relieve mental stress and improve concentration.

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We all know sleep is important, but to end your day and ensure you’re getting the most restful, rejuvenating shut eye, turn off the blue lights and disconnect from your phone and screens. Staring at your phone, which gives off a blue light, can stunt your body’s natural ability to create melatonin and get some needed z’s.

Instead, thirty minutes before you’re ready for shut eye, separate your phone from your bed and read a book, meditate, and let your body get the best rest possible. Don’t worry, you won’t need it for that pesky alarm anymore. Of course, the best thing you can do to improve sleep is to make sure you have a great mattress or sleep accessories to help, no matter what kind of sleeper you are.

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