Spring into Fitness

Unlock your best self and your best fitness routine with Midway District fitness favorites.

Katie Hull

April 2023

Whether you’ve hit pause on pumping iron lately or maybe just slacked a bit on your spin class schedule, don’t fret. Gone are the days of ho-hum exercise antics that didn’t leave a lasting impression. At Midway Districts' cutting-edge fitness favorites, you'll find tailored training from the experts and total body wellness, setting you on the path to keep your physique and mind in tip-top shape. Even better, there are plenty of spots to find stylish gear to help you on your fitness journey.  Get ready for a new you and a fitness regime that finally feels true to your actual lifestyle.

We’ve all tried to jump-start a new fitness plan, only to let it lose its luster along the way. Luckily, we've stacked the roster with group classes, pristine gyms, fitness centers, and wellness havens ready to help you unlock your potential from a class at Orangetheory Fitness at Century Square to the all-encompassing wellness center Life Time at GreenStreet and CITYCENTRE and everything in between and more.

The secret? For Randi Poullard, a studio leader at Life Time GreenStreet in the heart of downtown Houston with more than a decade of fitness experience, the key is finding community. And when in doubt, ask the experts. “Join a community!” she says. “Small or large group training is a great way to find people with similar interests that will help hold you accountable. Starting something new—especially joining a new team—can be intimidating. If the first class isn't the one you enjoyed, try something else!”  

Life Time GreenStreet is a 56,000-square-foot athletic club that offers something for every kind of sweat session from exclusive yoga and Pilates to weight training and spin classes. It is also home to some of the top trainers in their field, like personal trainer Cory Danna, ready to craft a personalized plan based on your needs. For Cory, crafting a routine that sticks and delivers results is all about giving yourself grace and deciding to take the leap.

“Every journey started with a first day and built from there,” he says. “It becomes more routine with time.” Cory recommends seeking out what classes or fitness type best suit your interests. Love to spend the weekend busting a move? Find a high-cardio dance class to get your blood pumping. All about those weights? Opt for strength training mixed with yoga.

And behind a solid regime is a trainer. “A trainer will provide you a personalized plan based on your specific goals and needs through science-based assessment, but where they really shine is accountability and education,” Cory says. “A personal trainer will act as your fitness professor, strongest ally, and biggest cheerleader.”

Nearby at Memorial Green, innovation is the name of the game. There, the future is no doubt now. The Hack Anti-Aging, Wellness, & Movement is celebrated for its cutting-edge approach to wellness and is Houston’s first Biohacking Studio, a type of fitness regime that uses science and technology to lead your body to its most optimal human performance. Dive in with personalized private training with one-on-one mobility sessions, or Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field (PEMF)Therapy, Vasper Therapy, Hydrogen Therapy, Dry Sauna, and more.

Fitness is not one-size-fits all, and to keep things interesting and ensure a total body experience, make sure that your fitness focuses on all modalities, from weights and hitting the trails at Buffalo Bayou Park to yoga, stretching, and meditation.

“Taking care of your body is just as important as working it out,” Cory says. “Yoga and Pilates provide the support that we need to be as mobile and stable as possible to ensure that we can continue in fitness for a long time.”

A good trainer can keep you motivated, but when you need an extra boost to get that workout done, Cory says to put on your favorite workout outfit. “It's amazing the difference and motivation you feel in a new set of training apparel!” Cory says.

Cory’s must-have is the Ten Thousand shorts, heralded as the only training shorts you’ll ever need, designed by and for athletes. For Randi, lululemon is a must. “The Scuba half zip hoodie, Free-to-Be bra, and Wunder Train High-Rise tights are a staple of mine whether I am training, running, biking, or hitting the yoga mat,” she says.

You’ve got the gear, the trainer, and the great plan. Now go “have fun!” Randi says. “And remember to give yourself grace.”