Where to Eat Healthy in Texas — Top Restaurants That Make Food That’s Good For You and Delicious

From CITYCENTRE to Century Square, Midway Keeps It Fresh

Heather Staible

January 2022

Eating better is something many people are striving to do in 2022, whether it’s an official New Year’s resolution or not. But eating better — and healthier — should not mean having to give up on going out. Luckily, more and more restaurants are embracing healthier ways of looking at food.

Some of the better healthy eating options in Texas — from bellagreen, Juicewell, Seasons 52 and the new Daily Gather at CITYCENTRE to Clean Juice at Century Square and Memorial Green — can be found at some of the state’s most interesting mixed-use developments.

These are the type of restaurants that prove healthy is delicious. How’s that for a 2022 resolution you can happily keep all year long?

This is your guide to Texas’ Healthy Living Centers:


CITYCENTRE is packed with an enviable area of restaurant choices and if it’s healthy eating you’re after, there’s plenty of options. Whether you’re interested in Paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free or just cleaner food, you’ll be able to find it in Houston’s pioneering mixed-use development.


Bellagreen’s menu is one good-for-you dish after another, full of vibrant, clean ingredients. Appetizers like High Protein Hempenadas or Veggie Lettuce Wraps are a good place to start, followed by homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. The Chef’s Specials feature options like red wine braised short ribs and seared salmon, while the seasonal specials capitalize on what’s fresh and abundant.

Bellagreen’s cheery atmosphere and spacious spot right on CITYCENTRE’s plaza makes it the perfect place to linger over a glass of wine or flourless chocolate cake.

The American bistro caters to a wide range of meal plans and most of its recipes can be modified to a specific diet, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and keto.

Going gluten-free? Try Bellagreen's Gluten-Free Pasta dish.


Any recipe that touts “Plants+Nothing” belongs on any healthy food list. That’s the belief at JuiceWell, a one-stop shop for cold-pressed juices, smoothies, build-your-own Acai bowls and other all-natural goodies. Have a question about the health benefits of a smoothie or curious about wellness cocktails?

Ask the adorably named Juicetenders and get the scoop on sips and smoothies that are filling without adding a lot of extra calories — or ingredients you don’t want.

Build your own Acai Bowl at JuiceWell.

Seasons 52

It just might be love at first bite at Seasons 52, a restaurant built around seasonal cooking with an emphasis on oven-roasted and fire-grilled preparations. Seasons 52’s extensive menu offers more than 50 appetizers, flatbreads, soups, salads and a host of hearty entrees such as wood-grilled filet mignon, brick oven roasted Chilean sea bass and brick oven roasted vegetable gnocchi.

Every item on the menu lists the calorie count so you can know exactly how healthy you’re eating. Seasons 52’s menu also changes with the seasons, ensuring freshness. Jump on a wine flight or linger over a seasonal cocktail for the full experience.

After all, you’re eating healthy. You’ve earned a little reward.

Seasons 52's filet mignon is under 595 calories.

Daily Gather

Talk about fresh, Daily Gather is the newest entry to CITYCENTRE’s restaurant scene. It brings a menu bursting with options for carnivores, vegetarians and all points in between. The new restaurant on 800 Sorella Court serves up locally sourced produce, burgers and steaks from Texas farmers, as well as Gulf fresh seafood and innovative takes on classics such as trout almondine, spaghetti lola (its version is made with spinach flavored spaghetti) and venison and black bean chili.

This is a place to linger over fresh food.

Eat Healthy at Century Square

This mixed-use development right across the street from Texas A&M University is a world of its own. One where it’s easy to find a healthy restaurant option.

Clean Juice

Reconsider the idea of fast food and instead take a clean approach to on-the-go food at Clean Juice. Smoothies and juices are at the heart of the Clean Juice menu, but you’ll also find wraps, salads, Acai Bowls and toasted options.

Plus, there is a full selection of wellness shots, including immune booster and elderberry, fresh juices and protein smoothies made with ingredients to boost health and wellness. If you’re looking for a full detox, Clean Juice’s curated juice cleanses will get you all set up for a fresh start


Bubble tea and its wide-mouthed straws are a favorite snack or pick-me-up thanks to the unique blend of flavors and textures. ShareTea offers specialty pearl milk tea drinks, fruit teas and ice blended slushies made with select tea leaves for refreshing beverages that keeps you on track.

Drinking healthy matters too.

Memorial Green

Houston’s Memorial Green brings a cozy selection of restaurants and cafes. With a Men’s Health Center, a Houston Methodist’s doctors office, Thrive Drip Spa and Motiv Fitness, this mixed-use center is very health forward.

It’s a world all about wellness and the restaurant options fit right in with that.

Clean Juice

Drink to your health with cold-pressed juices and smoothies at Clean Juice. Clean Juice is the only USDA certified organic juice bar in North America and serves up nutritionally-sound ingredients that fill you up, so you feel great. This restaurant is so popular it has a storefront in both Memorial Green and Century Square.

With juice choices galore, healthy bowls and wraps, Clean Juice fits right into Memorial Green’s health-conscious community.

Dish Society

This restaurant staple includes its own virtual farmers market. You can pick up about a week’s worth of truly fresh produce. Or have it delivered right to your front door. Talk about a healthy perk. Dish Society also brings a daily brunch where you can nosh on healthy options like avocado toast. Not to mention, all the healthy choices on its regular menu like grain and chicken bowls and citrus glazed salmon.

After all, if you’re going to commit to healthy eating, you might as well do it up. And tasty.